How to make a basic wardrobe?

The basic wardrobe is the simplest and most ingenious idea in the fashion world. With the help of a basic wardrobe, you can easily and simply solve the well-known problem called «Nothing to wear».

To put it simply, the basic wardrobe is a set of classic items that are combined with each other, as well as with other clothes. KALYAEV talks about such things.

5 tips to help you build your basic wardrobe

1. Clothing must be fully consistent with the lifestyle.

Firstly, the most important thing is that the basic wardrobe must be comfortable from the psychological side. Combining things that are in the basic wardrobe, you should get not only stylish looks, but also comfortable ones. Do not spend money on clothes that do not correspond to the person’s attitude.

2. Things should be such that they can be worn here and now.

No need to buy things with the thought «Suddenly I will lose weight and these jeans will fit me perfectly?» or «What if I get an invitation to some event and I definitely need this costume?» First of all, by reasoning in this way, a person deceives himself. And this is not at all about the fact that in the life of this person there will never be any events or that he will never lose weight.

3. Clothing should be of a suitable style, not fashionable.

Fashion is constantly changing, but at the same time, classic things keep their position. It is worth buying those things that are most suitable for the figure. You can add a stylish twist to your look with the help of accessories.

4. The quality of things.

The basic wardrobe lasts at least several seasons. That is why it is imperative to attach great importance to the quality of things. A good fabric is one that will withstand the most active wear.5. Any new clothes are combined with at least two old things. It is better not to buy things if it is impossible to imagine such combinations on the go.

10 wardrobe items that should be in the basic wardrobe

It is not necessary to purchase all things at all, but it is necessary to build on the tips described in the article and not spend money on inappropriate or unnecessary clothes. Although it would be great if there were at least 7 of the following wardrobe items in the closet. Because it is in this case that it is possible to make many different outfits out of things so as not to wear the same thing for 7 days.

1. Pencil skirt. This skirt makes it possible to create a feminine silhouette. Ideal colors are black, graphite, dark gray.

2. Little black dress. This item is one of the most versatile. This dress is perfect for the office and for evening events.

3. Turtleneck. The classic turtleneck is a cool-weather replacement for a short-sleeved T-shirt. It is worth choosing models of neutral colors from breathable materials.

4. Jeans. It is necessary to stop at the most comfortable model. But it must be taken into account that basic jeans should not have pronounced scuffs, bright decorations.

5. Pants in a classic style. Ideal colors are black, dark gray. These trousers make it possible to create a strict image, even if the top is relaxed.

6. Classic white blouse. This thing looks great with absolutely any bottom. It goes well with a variety of jeans, formal trousers, any skirts.

7. White T-shirt. Just like a white shirt, a white t-shirt goes with absolutely everything.

8. Cardigan. Perfect for chilly days on chilly days. Although, even on very busy weekdays, it is incredibly pleasant to wrap yourself in something soft, warm.

9. Cashmere sweater. This thing is one of the main elements of the wardrobe, designed for the cold season. Neutral colors should be preferred.

10. Blazer, jacket or jacket. The basic jacket should have a non-strict form and be made of soft flowing fabrics. Only in this case, this thing will look great with absolutely any things.

Only these things are a kind of foundation for a basic wardrobe. It is on these things that win-win images are made. No wardrobe is complete without the basics. In this regard, the first thing to do is to begin the formation of a basic wardrobe.

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