How to inflate 100 balloons in 15 minutes?


The festive mood is always created by the atmosphere! Balloons are the easiest way to create holiday decor! Lightweight then lightweight. But who will inflate all this?

We have a solution for you! Effortlessly 100 balls in 15 minutes with a 2-way hand pump!

Why can a hand pump speed up the process of inflating balloons by 10 times?

1. The hand pump is a two-way pump and has a double action. It delivers air both when you push the stem down and when you pull it up! The balloons inflate when you compress the pump and when you decompress it! And this means that you will definitely cope with inflation twice as fast!

2. The pump is compact and lightweight. You can hold it in your hand for a long time and not get tired. You do not have to pause and rest between 10 and 15 inflated balloons. You will be able to inflate and inflate like a conveyor!

3. The pump is suitable for all inflatable products: ordinary balloons, latex round balloons, heart-shaped balloons, foil or mylar balloons, number balloons, letters, people and animals, various geometric shapes, modeling balloons. Our hand pump will cope with every kind of balls!

An ideal assistant that fits easily in your bag if you are traveling to the countryside or to the country!

A hand pump will help prepare the holiday atmosphere: at home, in the country, while traveling!

Decorate your own home holidays with ease. The pump will be necessary if you are preparing to celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary!


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