How to distinguish genuine leather from a fake


Modern technologies allow shoe manufacturers to easily fake natural leather using synthetic materials. In order not to become a victim of fraud and not overpay for low-quality shoes, we will talk about a few tricks that will allow you to distinguish genuine leather shoes from a cheap fake.

1. Pattern on the skin

The main distinguishing feature of genuine leather is its unique pattern. Real skin has a porous structure and if you look closely, you can see randomly arranged pores. While on artificial material you will see only the same ornament.

2. Tactile sensations

For a visual experiment, you only need your hand. Genuine leather quickly absorbs heat, try putting your hand on the product and holding it for a few seconds. If the product remains cold, then in front of you is leather.deputy.

Another way to check the naturalness is to bend the product. Small creases form in genuine leather shoes, which can be easily smoothed out after unbending, if flexion marks remain on the skin for a long time, then there are clearly traces of a substitute in the model.

3. Smell

Faux leather is quite easy to distinguish by smell. They are distinguished by a specific chemical aroma, which is not easy to get rid of. The smell is especially good on shoes.

Genuine leather has a delicate, barely perceptible aroma. Sometimes manufacturers try to mask the artificial smell, but this is only possible if the replacement shoes are of good quality.

4. Test for moisture resistance

Thanks to the experiment with water, you can easily check the shoes for naturalness. When moisture gets on the natural material, the liquid is instantly absorbed and forms a dark spot on the surface. When the water evaporates, the browning will go away.

The substitute does not have absorbent properties. The liquid will remain on the surface and the product will not change in color.

5. Cost

Products made from real material cannot be cheap. The price range also depends on the type of skin.

Budget options — products from the skin of a pig, bull, cow. Things made of such materials are quite strong and rigid.

Varieties are more expensive — sheep, goat and calfskin.

The premium segment is products made from crocodile, snake, ostrich or deer.

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