How to Clean Your Bathroom in Less Than 7 Minutes


Today we will tell you how you can clean the bathroom in less than 7 minutes. To do this, it is enough to observe the following 2 conditions:

1. SAFETY. In order to safely clean, you need to understand that the products are washable, biodegradable, free of fragrances and other allergens and can be used on surfaces with which skin contact is possible and the absorption of chemicals remaining on the surface after standard cleaning is impossible. The safety of all products is confirmed by ECO-certification, the receipt of which is due to the receipt of numerous protocols to confirm flushing of more than 90%, the absence of allergens, and complete biodegradation.

2. EFFICIENCY. In order to be able to effectively clean, you need to understand the nature of the pollution. The constant use of water leads to the formation of water stone and the formation of ring-shaped deposits. High humidity causes the presence of mold spores in the air and their settling with subsequent reproduction on surfaces. The use of soap and other hygiene products (toothpaste, shampoos, gels, creams, oils) leads to the formation of soap deposits and pollution of fatty etiology. The purpose of the room implies the presence of urinary stone, particles of the epidermis, hair, sweat-sebaceous secretions of a person, bacteria and viruses spread in this room. The issue of surfaces remains important, and the limitations caused by the characteristics of the surfaces and their resistance to the chemicals used.

We made a selection of funds, taking into account the above circumstances:

floor, walls, handrails, doors — KENAZ tiles ceramics

bath, toilet, trouble, sink — KENAZ plumbing

walls of the shower cabin — KENAZ anti-nalet (1 time in 3-4 cleanings, or even less often)

trash cans, washing machine, add to all products (droplet) — KENAZ odor removal

General cleaning or problem areas:

Dirty tile joints (between tiles and joint surfaces) — KENAZ cleaning of joints (do not allow contact with painted acrylic (bath) and stainless steel elements (drains and taps)

rust, settled urinary and water stone, annular plaque, old plumbing for resuscitation — KENAZ plumbing concentrate.

Happy cleaning.


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