How to choose the right chandelier for the room?


How to choose the right chandelier for the room?

A chandelier is an essential piece of decor in any room. Correctly and well-chosen lamp, which we will help you choose, will emphasize the style, will become the highlight of the room. The emotional state of a person is affected not only by lighting, allowing you to emphasize some elements of decor, but also by the chandelier itself. How to choose the right chandelier, the managers of our online store «PETRASVET» will tell you. We offer a selection of chandeliers of our own production at an affordable price.

When choosing a model, it is recommended to take into account the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room where it is planned to install it. If you want to buy a chandelier for 20 square meters. m., do not buy a powerful lampshade, the room will look overloaded. The lighting device should also not be small, disproportionate to the scale of the room. You need to choose and buy a chandelier (for 20 sq. M, for another room) wisely.

Key Features

When choosing a suitable model, it is necessary to focus on the height, diameter of the device, as well as the number of horns. You should first decide on the power that will be enough for good lighting of a certain room. An important point — different types of fastening to the ceiling. Choosing a chandelier for 20 square meters. m (as well as for other areas of the room), the following points must be considered:

shape — for ceilings of great height, it is advisable to purchase suspended models. This will visually fill the space, complement it with comfort. Flat options are suitable for low ceilings. For a narrow corridor of great length, the oblong shape of the device is ideal; it will not only visually repeat the geometry of the room, but will also make lighting more efficient;
color — the parameter should be selected depending on the interior design in the room. For the classics, in the presence of many different details, a ceiling radiating warm shades is suitable;
design. Chandeliers in a room of 20 square meters. m. You can buy suspended or ceiling. In this case, it is necessary to focus on the type of housing. In the living room, a hanging model would look better, for example, and it is better to hang a ceiling model in the bathroom.
The right chandelier should match the overall interior. Experts recommend not to abuse bright models, they can create lighting in a certain color that can completely change the perception of design.

For a room in the style of «classic», a crystal chandelier with 5 horns is ideal, bunk models will also look good.

Plastic can cheapen the look of a room, even expensive materials are not always suitable for some styles.

The chandelier should not merge with the color of the walls, it should be in contrast. Now you know how to choose and buy the right chandelier for your room.

It is customary to calculate the power of LED bulbs as follows: 3 W per 1 m2 of a room for bright lighting and 2 W per 1 m2 for an average one. For example, if you have 20 m2, then you need 60 watts for bright lighting. Divide the total power of 60 W by the number of light bulbs in the chandelier, for example 5, and you get that the power of the light bulbs you need is 12 W.


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