How to choose blackout curtains


Some of the most popular questions that arise when choosing curtains are:

  • “What is the difference between blackout and dimout?”
  • “Are there blackout curtains with a pattern?”
  • “Where can I find curtains that block out light at all?”

Indeed, even the most thoughtful buyer can get lost in the variety of fabrics and technology!

Let’s figure it out together and start with a little digression

Blackout curtains came to us from Finland, where white nights often occur. For sound and quality sleep, so that the body rests and recovers, darkness is necessary. That is why technologists have developed fabrics that prevent the penetration of sunlight into the room, while aesthetically in no way inferior to ordinary ones.

Types of blackout fabrics

1. Dimout — a fabric with a dense weave in several layers with a light absorption of 60-70%. Light absorption is carried out by dark threads in one of the layers.

2. Blackout is the same dimout, but with an additional black thread, which allows you to block light by 80% or more. This fabric consists of three layers of threads:

  • The outer layer forms the appearance of the curtains: a smooth structure or matting.
  • The black thread inside absorbs the sun’s rays and street light.
  • The third thread forms the wrong side.

This type of fabric protects you from light by about 80%, however, for most rooms, this opacity is sufficient. Blackout curtains can be either plain, completely different colors, or with a pattern. Below are a few samples of Blackout curtains produced by the brand PROcurtains:

3. 100% Blackout — an advanced fabric that does not let a single light beam through and guarantees darkness even on a sunny day.

In the production of such a fabric, unique technologies and materials are used that make the fabric completely impermeable. Curtains made of 100% Blackout fabric are denser and heavier, but in return you will get a calm and healthy full sleep.

If complete darkness is important to you in the bedroom or children’s room, as well as if the room windows face east, we recommend choosing new generation blackout curtains:

Important point! All varieties of Blackout fabrics are made only from fully synthetic fabrics. However, the weave pattern may resemble natural fabrics such as linen.

Another important nuance: Blackout curtains in dark colors will darken the room better than light fabrics (with the exception of 100% blackout).

On the PROcurtains brand page you will always find a huge selection of curtains made of Blackout fabrics: plain and with a pattern.

I wish you a wonderful day, successful shopping and warmth in your home!


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