How to choose bedding for a child

4 rules to be guided by when choosing bed linen for a baby bed.


Of course, cotton! It is hypoallergenic, hygroscopic, that is, it removes moisture well, and antistatic — dust and animal hair will not be attracted to it. Ideal for a child’s bedroom.

Material strength

Since children’s underwear is often washed, it is better to give preference to wear-resistant materials. Density is indicated as g / sq.m.: the higher this indicator on the label, the better. So, the density of the percale that we use to create the Wake me Wake bed linen is 110 g/sq.m.

Fabric dyeing

The fabric must be of high quality. How to define it? Wet the edge of a duvet cover or pillowcase and see if there is paint left on your hands. If not, everything is super, you can cover it! Also, if the linen showed a clear molt during the first wash, it is better not to use it. A clear indicator of poor-quality dye will be a chemical smell.


Choose bedding without fasteners so that the child does not get hurt at night.Wake me Wake pillowcases and duvet covers are fastened with a valve: safe and convenient.

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