How many lay in the repair estimate immediately and the cost of a toilet brush? Often, bathroom accessories are purchased on a leftover basis. And it seems that the repair is completed, but some important little things are not enough for complete comfort.

Before we talk about how much money to plan for bathroom accessories — we give you check list. Here is everything that mankind has come up with for the toilet and bathroom. Think about what will make your life at home more convenient:

  • wall hangers/hooks for towels/robes
  • additional shelves / whatnots in the “dry” area
  • soap holder/soap dish
  • liquid soap dispenser
  • toothbrush holder
  • toilet paper holder
  • a bonus and a novelty of the XXI century — a toilet paper holder with a shelf for a mobile phone.
  • toilet brush
  • bath screen and cornice
  • decorative rings for curtains

    Soap dish and shelf from the Slide collection, IDDIS

    The list is also useful in that it helps to calculate the space of the bathroom in advance. As a rule, bathrooms in Russia are not large in size and every centimeter is important.

    So, if you have compiled a list of essentials, taking into account your daily habits, bathroom style and budget — start choosing.

    Accessories should be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Material
  • Mount type
  • Color spectrum

It is good if you have taken care of the design of the bathroom in advance together with the interior designer. But often we prefer to plan small spaces ourselves. Perhaps you decided to transform the bathroom not because of the renovation, but simply because you wanted to refresh and update the space.

If the option of self-design is yours, then we will continue to structure the choice. It is important to analyze:

  • The overall style of your bathroom: classic, neutral, with an emphasis on natural textures, minimalist. Or maybe just how it happened during the repair of the previous owners.
  • Which materials predominate: texture, color, installation options for fasteners, the presence of communications in the fastener area.
  • Places of «hot» spots — that is, places where the most disorder is formed and they need to be somehow unloaded, organized storage.
  • Where is it really convenient for you to reach for a towel from the shower, take a toothbrush. Make sure that soap does not fall on the floor and that excess liquid from the shower does not get on it.

    And now about money. Economy, medium and premium: what can you afford in each segment?


    This option is good if you live in a rented apartment, your bathroom has yet to be renovated and there is no point in spending money on something solid. In almost any supermarket, you can find express options for bathroom products that do not even need to be screwed to the wall. There are models that are attached to various Velcro and suction cups.

    Useful recommendation: between plastic and economy version of chrome parts, take the first one. Already in the first year of use, budget metal models begin to rust and, most likely, the purchase will have to be repeated.

    A brush here can cost 400-500 rubles. Its bristles can quickly crumble and wash poorly, chrome-plated models also rust over time. The cost of soap dishes and dispensers can be about the same.


    Here you can already count on the fact that stainless steel will be really stainless, accessories are more reliable, and the choice of models is wider.

    The average price of a toilet brush will be 3-4 thousand rubles. Hooks, soap dishes and coasters 2-3 thousand rubles. But these accessories are much easier to care for, they last longer, and are more convenient to use. Such an intimate space of the bathroom and toilet will fit in “quietly” and allow you to keep clean, which is especially important in a combined bathroom.

    Photo: Interiors with IDDIS accessories

    Sets with a dispenser for liquid soap, a soap dish and additional cups will look more solid and more stylish here. They are also likely to be more stable and more comfortable.

    Here you can already afford to replace the oilcloth curtain for the bathroom with a textile one, add a special shelf-stand to the bathtub, a rug on the floor with a high pile, arrange candles with natural flavoring and thus turn the space into a full-fledged resting place.

    Photo: Interior with IDDIS accessories

    If you calculate the cost of a complete set of accessories, the amount will really come out as a tangible surcharge to the cost of repairs. But this is a part of home improvement, which will justify itself in everyday life and will not annoy with constant shortcomings, and the bathroom will look more holistic and comfortable.


    The high cost of goods in this price category may increase due to the use of natural materials. For example, expensive stone, specially processed wood. Often there are high-tech fittings or electronic stuffing.

    Connoisseurs of designer things can find themselves in this segment. There are more opportunities to show your individual style and make even the bathroom look authentic and emphasize the individuality of the owner of the house.

    In this segment, accessories can cost tens of thousands of rubles and more.

    BONUS. General recommendations from designers

  • Place something in open areas in the bathroom that will not create visual noise. Towels — one color scheme. Hangers, holders — in the same style. Small things — organize in boxes or containers suitable for the interior
  • Try not to combine more than 2-3 colors in a small space, unless it is a carefully planned eclectic or oriental style.

Bathroom with IDDIS accessories

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