How to choose a shower system?

shower system is not just a sanitary ware for hygiene. Such a rack with a fixed upper and flexible lower watering can provide you with a positive charge due to its functionality. The main thing is to figure out which model to buy.

First of all, it is worth deciding how this equipment will be installed. With outdoor shower systems, all elements of the shower are placed in plain sight, and only communications with a water supply can be hidden in the wall. The internal installation systems are half hidden in the wall: only the top watering can, the hose from the bottom and the control unit are outside — and all the pipes and racks are hidden under the tiles.

When choosing any shower system, it is important to find out what its key elements are made of. The best version is made of brass: this alloy of copper with zinc and tin is durable, wear-resistant, and is not afraid of rust.

Also, when choosing, you should pay attention to the presence of additional options. Now there is a huge selection, including watering cans with different modes of supply and saving water, sensory mechanisms and thermostats, a digital display, a water temperature meter, etc. Since they try to choose a shower system for many years, we must not forget who it is releases. We advise you to pay attention to shower systems brand OTGON.

Shower system with bath mixer Otgon MS-3255

Shower column with rain shower OTGON: easy installation — complete with eccentrics, a set of fasteners. Ergonomics — shower system with rain shower with a diameter of 200mm will perfectly replace a full-fledged shower cabin and help save space in the bathroom, no need to adjust the direction — water flows directly on your head. In addition to the overhead shower, there is a hand shower that allows you to take a shower both from the top watering can and wash yourself with a hand watering can on a flexible hose, it has 3 water supply modes. The single-lever faucet is equipped with a swivel spout for bath and shower, if you want to draw water and take a bath. A rain shower with a mixer is an effective device for a comfortable shower. The shower set is easy to install. The shower column with faucet is concise, looks stylish and is suitable for modern stylish bathrooms.

Shower system with bath faucet Otgon Spring M92298−0.34C The shower set contains: Ivanna’s single-lever shower faucet with short spout, 1500mm shower hose, 3-mode hand shower head, overhead rain shower. Now taking a rain shower is a pleasure.

OTGON — plumbing for your comfort!

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