How to choose a printed T-shirt? 5 Basic Wardrobe Tips

Minimalism is fading away, and prints are gaining popularity again. Today, the print can be seen in the collections of Kenzo, Versace, Gucci and other luxury brands. Drawing on clothes allows us to stand out, to declare our individuality. But it is quite difficult for the buyer to choose a print that will look appropriate and stylish.

In this article, we will show you how to choose a printed t-shirt for your basic, everyday wardrobe.

Fabric quality

When choosing a basic T-shirt, first of all, you need to pay attention to the quality of the fabric. A T-shirt made of good, expensive material will retain its shape and appearance longer.

For example, brand t-shirts ONTREND are created from the fabric «singing». This fabric is made of long threads of the highest quality cotton, processed in a special way, very durable and smooth to the touch. Due to the properties of the fabric, the surface of the T-shirt does not form spools. The weaving of the threads of the fabric, the weaving surface, prevents the T-shirt from deformation: it does not shrink and does not stretch when washed.

print quality

To recognize a quality drawing, pay attention to the method of printing. No need to understand technology, rely on your feelings.

A sticker-like design applied over fabric is likely to quickly crack and begin to fall off the T-shirt.

If the print «stains» the fabric, and its surface does not differ from clean areas to the touch, it will remain on the T-shirt for a long time.

Drawing style

To make a T-shirt look stylish and suitable not only for informal meetings with friends, you should abandon prints with cartoon or TV series characters. The drawing should be neutral and unobtrusive. Current trends for today — abstraction and geometry.

Print color

If your wardrobe is designed in calm, basic colors, pay attention to soft, muted print. Such a pattern will not attract much attention, it will look restrained and concise.

Bright print also pairs well with basic clothing, but needs to be backed up with accessories to balance and complete the look.

An excellent combination of a T-shirt with a bright print will be with a jacket or skirt in the same or a contrasting color. Get a fresh, daring and very stylish summer look!


The perfect T-shirt is one that you wear often, for a long time and, most importantly, with pleasure. Use our advice, but do not forget about your desires and feelings.

We wish you happy shopping at WIldberries!

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