How to choose a good gift: a toy that will delight everyone from WiMi


Why soft toywin-win gift option for both children and adults?

helps fight stress — not only adults face this problem
universal — can be used as:
directly a toyan indispensable actor who will help the child feel inside an exciting story;
friend-psychologist — listens without interrupting, understands and supports;
friendwith whom it is pleasant to cuddle;
faithful partner — helps to learn lessons, do housework, keep company while reading, watching movies; daily worries cease to be boring;
decor elementwhich will add zest and will suit any interior.

What to look for when choosing a toy:

External material (upholstery)

A few arguments in favor of synthetic materials (polyester, synthetic textiles, microfiber and others):

safety and practicality.
softness — the fabric is pleasant to the touch, smooth and silky.
wear resistance — polyester fiber is resistant to stretching, friction and other types of physical impact.
pollution resistance — the threads do not absorb particles of household dirt, so stains can be easily washed off and do not leave marks.
color and shape stability — With proper care, it will not fade or fade.
easy care — easy to wash, dries quickly and almost does not wrinkle.
protection from pests and mold — synthetics will not be of interest to moth larvae or other insects.
does not absorb odors.

Seam quality

So that the toy does not tear on the very first day after purchase and lasts as long as possible, we recommend that you look at how the seams are made: if they are neat and even, feel free to take the toy home.


When choosing toys, remember that natural is not always synonymous with quality. Sometimes it is better to choose a synthetic material that meets all the requirements for quality, safety and hygiene.

The best performance properties are stuffing materials made of polyester fibers: polypropylene cotton, holofiber and sintepukh.

Polypropylene cotton

This modern material is externally and tactilely as close as possible to natural cotton, however, its technical characteristics are much better:

polypropylene cotton hygienic,
resistant to fungi and microbes, moths never start in it,
repels dirt and dust
dries quicklydoes not rot.
has a special strength, elasticity and ease.

A good example of quality toys from the brand WiMi with polypropylene cotton stuffing: a unicorn and a frog


Outwardly, the material looks like cotton or fluff, but compared to them, holofiber wins during operation:

— not afraid of mechanical impact, does not stray into clods,
keeps its shape very well and volume — even after the strongest hugs, it takes its original shape,
— antistatic, so it does not attract dust,
soft and light,
hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly
easy care: Machine washable.

For example, a toy from WiMi Emperor penguin.


Sintepukh is a modern synthetic analogue of natural down, which, thanks to a special production technology, has a huge number of advantages:

softness, airiness, ease,
hypoallergenicity and environmental friendliness
water resistance — synthetic down practically does not get wet.
elasticity — sintepuh quickly restores its shape after a strong hug or washing without the formation of lumps.
ease of care : Washable at low water temperatures.

We offer you to look at the Banana toy by clicking on the link.


To make caring for a toy as pleasant as hugging it, and so that a soft friend retains its appearance for a long time, it is important to familiarize yourself with the rules of care in advance.

If you do not want to mess with hand washing, the best option would be a toy with synthetic filler. It is enough just to throw it into the washing machine and refresh it at a temperature of 30 ° in a delicate mode. In addition, such toys dry quickly, do not fade and retain their shape after numerous washes.

A selection of quality toys

Especially for you, we have selected a few more toys from the WiMi brand, by clicking on the photos of which you can go to the online store to learn more about their characteristics and please yourself or your loved ones with a good gift:


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