At some point, every parent — some earlier, some later — is faced with questions from their maturing and curious child: how does a person work? why can he hear and see? And the most reverent — how was I born? These questions can baffle, confuse, and take almost any adult by surprise (of course, if he is not a doctor). In our article, we will talk about what an adult should pay attention to when choosing a children’s book about the structure of a person and … it is worthy to «get out of the water.»


Visibility is one of the important principles in the knowledge of the world by a child, especially in the period of preschool and primary school age. This is the period when figurative thinking is prevailing, because the conceptual form of thinking is just beginning to develop. That is why a book about the structure of a person with a large number of understandable illustrations will help to convey information to a child of this age faster than a book with a large number of definitions and textual descriptions. For example, Eleonora Barsotti, Italian children’s illustrator of the encyclopedia «How a Man Works», published in several countries of the world and, including translated into Russian, shows young readers in an accessible way how the heart, a tooth are arranged, the nervous system is organized, from which bones are made up. Colorful images clearly and simply (not to be confused with primitiveness) demonstrate the appearance and structure of fairly complex human organs.


Interactivity today is of particular importance for children: they were born into the world of smartphones, the Internet and other digital delights of modern life. They tend to be discoverers and explorers! «Can a book compete with a mobile app?» — you ask. Yes, maybe, but not everyone. And here we will recall the interactive books that children like so much, because interactivity is based on the action, activity of the child, his involvement in the process of cognition. It’s not only about sound books and books with tasks, but also children’s books with windows, which are becoming increasingly popular. In order to gain knowledge, a child acting as a «hunter» needs to open a paper window where a reward awaits him — an interesting fact or an amazing image. It turns out that the child performs an action, independently receiving answers to his questions, he is driven by curiosity, which underlies any knowledge, he sees what is hidden inside: inside the human body, airport, space, city … There is always a mystery on the pages of such books .

Content: style and safety

When choosing a book, of course, you should pay attention to the style of presentation of the material, the availability of definitions, because anatomy is not an easy science! So, Eleanor Barsotti, already mentioned above, in her books with windows presents information in a dosed manner, in small text blocks of 1, sometimes 2 sentences or phrases: it is easy to read and quickly remembered, and this is exactly what is so important for young readers. Pay attention to how the author of the book you have chosen presents the delicate topic of the birth of a person, the beginning of a new life: sooner or later the child will ask about this and it will be great if he turns to you, the parent. Think about whether the author’s presentation of the material is compatible with your principles of education, whether it resonates with you as a parent.

The information presented in the book must be reliable. We recommend paying attention to the manufacturer: is it a well-known company, what is its reputation. It is also worth paying attention to the availability of data on the compliance of the publication with the technical regulations of the Customs Union «On the safety of products intended for children and adolescents», which, among other things, prevents actions that may mislead product users. That is, the designation of the TR TS 007/2011 regulation in the imprint is a guarantee that the information in the book can be trusted. This recommendation can, of course, apply not only to encyclopedias about the structure of man, but also to other publications.

Why is it important to exercise and avoid fatty and sugary foods? Why brush your teeth and take a shower every day? Daily hygiene procedures and the rules of a healthy lifestyle often evoke only melancholy in children: the words “must” sound like an edification, and, as a result, are internally rejected. An illustrated, informative book about the structure of man with reliable facts and interactive elements can help parents convey to their child the importance of taking care of their body, and the child will have the opportunity to become an explorer and discoverer of his own body. The obvious advantages of a book with windows make it a wonderful gift for a child.

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