How to care for mature skin with natural cosmetics


Are you worried that over the years, mimic wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes are becoming more noticeable, and the oval of the face no longer looks as clear as in youth? Indeed, with age, the metabolism in the skin slows down — this is a natural process, and we cannot reverse it. But on the other hand, with the help of properly selected cosmetics, we can give our skin a few more years of youth and beauty!

We present to your attention a selection of products for the care of mature skin from the range of the brand of natural cosmetics Siberina.

gentle cleansing

The older we are, the thinner the protective barrier of the skin becomes, so it needs more gentle products. For example, micellar water «Sage» gently removes make-up without disturbing the lipid layer and without causing irritation. Essential oil of sage revitalizes dull skin, making it fresher.

After you have removed makeup with micellar water, you need to remove its remnants. Use for this Foam for washing «Youth Stimulator». A very gentle product with wheat protein and strong plant extracts gently cleanses the skin of the face, removing makeup, sebaceous plugs and other impurities, and also restores a healthy complexion and does not leave a feeling of tightness.

Restoration of water balance

After washing with even the mildest means, it is desirable to restore the water balance of the skin and prepare it for the application of serum and cream. For mature skin, a great option in addition to micellar water — sage hydrolat. It slows down the appearance of fine wrinkles, moisturizes and relieves irritation, instantly refreshes the face and removes signs of fatigue.

Nutrition and hydration

After cleansing and moisturizing procedures, you can proceed to the most important thing — applying nourishing and moisturizing elixirs. Recommended to try «Rejuvenating» face serum. Wheat protein, aloe vera gel and rose hydrolat in its composition instantly restore the optimal level of moisture and have a powerful anti-aging effect. The product is applied in the evening as an independent care or 15 minutes before the cream. Remember that every 3-4 months you need to take a break for a month — to avoid addiction, since the serum is concentrated.

After the serum comes the turn of a denser remedy. We recommend trying «Anti-aging day» face cream. It is rich in valuable oils and extracts that help maintain youthful and radiant skin.


Want to enhance the effect? Use «Rejuvenating» face mask. Natural wheat germ oil and rose essential oil saturate the skin with vitamins and substances that slow down the aging process. Thanks to this, the mask significantly smoothes and tightens the skin.

Well, of course, do not forget that for the best result, one cosmetic is not enough. Recall a few simple, but not lost their relevance rules.

1. Drink enough water — this will help maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

2. Get enough sleep! During sleep, the skin rests, regenerates and acquires a radiant, blooming appearance.

3. Move more. Only the lazy did not write about the benefits of physical activity for maintaining beauty and youth. By exercising regularly, doing exercises, or even just walking, you keep your muscles in good shape, speed up metabolic processes and blood circulation, and also help the body get oxygen.

Stay young and beautiful, and Siberina cosmetics will help you with this!


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