How to add the exquisite taste of truffle to any of your dishes?


Truffle spice is the easiest way to add incredible truffle flavor to any dish..

Truffle seasoning is a spice rich in taste and aroma that perfectly complements ordinary homemade dishes. It goes well with meat and fish dishes, pasta and risotto. You can add truffle spice to good olive oil and dress salads for a unique flavor and aroma.

The spice is quite economical in use, because one pinch is enough to give any dish a unique truffle flavor.

Summer varieties of truffles are distinguished by a sweet chestnut nuance of smell and a milder taste, which is why they were chosen as an addition to the universal seasoning.

The product is presented in the original container with a convenient dispenser that allows you to add the right amount of spice to the dish. Jar weighing 65g.
The composition of the spice includes dried summer and black truffles.

🎁 Truffle spice is a great gift option for any occasion!


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