How often do bed linens really need to be changed?


There is an idea that you need to change sheets and duvet covers every two weeks, and pillowcases in general every day. Good rule, but not universal. Here are five factors that will help you figure out how often you should change your underwear.


Bed linen accumulates thousands of dead skin cells, dust, sebum, sweat every night, which makes the fabric an optimal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. They, in turn, can cause the development of allergies or skin diseases. Regular washing will prevent problems. According to the sanitary standards of Rospotrebnadzor, a child aged 3 to 10 years old should change their underwear every 10 days. In adolescents, the work of the sebaceous glands intensifies, so for them this period is reduced to every 2-3 days. Adults are advised to change bedding every two weeks.


In hot weather, when a person sweats more, it is advised to change underwear more often than in cold weather. Rule of thumb: cut your normal change time in half.


Do you only sleep in bed, or do you still work and eat? How often do you have sex in it? The more time you spend in bed, the more often you need to change your underwear. Ideally, every time after intercourse and once every two days if you spend days in bed in bed.


Even if your cats and dogs do not sleep with you, their hair will still settle on the linen. Here the following rule applies: change linen every 3-4 days if the pet does not have the habit of jumping on the bed, and every day if he sleeps with you. Otherwise, the animal’s hair and the microorganisms that it wears on itself can cause all the same allergies or skin diseases.

Additional factors

It is recommended to change bed linen every two days:

  • during an infectious disease;
  • with allergies;
  • with an open wound;
  • with increased sweating;
  • with dandruff;
  • with acne on the body and face;
  • with skin diseases;
  • if you fall asleep with makeup on;
  • if you sleep naked.

PS In addition, pillows and blankets should be washed or changed regularly — on average once every 6 months. The mattress needs to be renewed every 7 years.


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