Colorblock or how to easily refresh your basic wardrobe with one thing?


Spring, as we know, is a great time to shake up your wardrobe and give in good hands all the boring, gray, faceless things in which we subconsciously try not to draw attention to ourselves. Remember how at school, when the teacher looks at the class and looks for her victim for interrogation at the blackboard, and we want to become small, gray and inconspicuous so that they notice not me, but that guy through 2 desks. I officially declare that this time is gone! And every tasty candy needs a bright and catchy wrapper!

What to do? Add colors! Or even several colors at the same time!

Colorblock turns ordinary basics into a stylish look, even when combined with a simple bag and sneakers! We have prepared for you several colorblock combinations that will be appropriate in any wardrobe!


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