Almost any curtain can scatter bright rays and hide from prying eyes. But if there is a need to completely darken the room — blackout curtains come to the rescue.

To begin with, you need to correctly measure the parameters of the window, because if there is not enough material, and gaps remain, the meaning of the blackout fabric will be lost. If your goal is protection from the bright sun, you can take any opaque material. If you want to block the path of thermal energy, buy linen and non-combustible fabric. The average density of the material is 270 g/m. sq.

The blackout curtain material is a multi-layer fabric that absorbs light by 90-100%, and also consists of two or three layers:

🔹️ reflective, white, which is directed to the window;

🔸️ medium, thickest, has a high density and slows down the light flux;

🔹️ external, performs a decorative function and is presented in a variety of materials and colors.

Three-layer blackout curtains are used in children’s rooms and bedrooms, where blackout is important during sleep. In children’s rooms, they will help adjust the baby’s sleep pattern, darkening the room in the evening and during daytime sleep, and the use of blackout curtains in the bedroom is a salvation for those who work the night shift and sleep during the day. Lightweight two-layer options are often hung in the kitchen.

It is important to understand that the color of the blackout curtains does not play a role in light isolation, so the curtains may not necessarily be dark, but in any design and color.

Products made of opaque material are selected on the basis of physical, mechanical and hygienic characteristics, as well as the needs and preferences of the buyer. If curtains are needed for zoning space, they take double-sided products. They are identical in color, have an internal light-blocking layer.

Blackout curtains are available in the form of blinds, Roman or Japanese blinds, pleated blinds or standard sheets. There are curtains with a smooth texture or embossed, plain or with various patterns, prints or photo printing. The texture is selected at your own discretion or taking into account the texture of the textiles available in the room. Somewhere it will look better matting, if the interior uses glossy material, you should choose a similar one.

Our blackout curtains have a matting texture, their textile base with the addition of auxiliary substances that provide unique strength, density and at the same time lightness. The basis of this material is cotton, silk and linen. Such a fabric is one of the most durable and high-quality fabrics for the manufacture of thick curtains for windows and looks like natural linen.

In order not to buy a fake, you need to look at the light through the material. The density of this textile is so high that it will not shine through. The fake lets in a lot of light and does not meet international safety standards. The unique properties of our blackout curtains with matting texture are that:

🔹️ Possess high fire resistance;

🔸️ Capable of retaining heat in the room;

🔹️ Do not let in sunlight and do not allow dust to penetrate;

🔸️ They have soundproofing properties.

The material is easy to drape, retains its shape perfectly and is easy to care for;

🔸️The curtains are completely hypoallergenic material;

🔹️Create an attractive and stylish look.

Do not forget that blackout curtains, which have increased strength, still need proper care and maintenance. Products can be washed both manually and in a washing machine, choosing a spin speed of no more than 400. It is advisable to wash at a water temperature of +40 degrees. Drying protective curtains is recommended in the shade. At the same time, it is worth noting that it is not recommended to wash canvases with a special coating, otherwise their decorative layer may be damaged. When buying a product, you need to pay attention to the quality of tailoring. Curves, skip stitches, large stitches are typical signs of counterfeit products. An even line with a small step is a sign of quality.

We hope that our article will help you choose the right blackout curtains! Thank you for your attention and happy shopping!

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