Towels are an essential element of the bathroom interior. You always want them to please the eye and at the same time perform a practical function. Every housewife strives to create coziness and comfort in her bathroom, for this you should know how to store towels beautifully and ergonomically.

Bathroom towel storage options

1. In a special basket

An original piece of decor that will perfectly fit into any interior, can be placed on a shelf, cabinet or on the floor, if the area allows. It is better to roll the towels in it with a roller, so it fits more and is convenient to get.

2. Open shelves

The classic option, the most preferred in any home. Departments in narrow shelving or suspended air shelves under the ceiling look quite neat and do not take up much space.

3. Shelves under the sink

A great solution is to place towels using the empty space under the sink. Towels arranged in several additions in a neat pile are always at hand. It can be both single-tier and two-tier, open or closed.

4. Hanger racks

Compactness continues to take a leading position in home improvement, and rack-hangers have recently become in demand. Such storage looks concise and allows you to place up to five towels at once, depending on the number of steps.

5. Special holders

These structures come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Great idea for small bathrooms. Usually towels are stored on them, twisted into rollers.

6. As a floor underlay

A foot towel, in the absence of a rug, can be used as a substrate for the floor. A towel of neutral, universal shades will look especially harmonious in the interior of any bathroom: cream, latte, mint.

Such ways of storing towels, which help to make the design of the bathroom cozier, will definitely bring aesthetic pleasure to you and your loved ones.

DEMIN`S for home terry towels will organically fit into the interior of your bathroom, give a feeling of comfort both after a shower and during the day, and are also ideal as a gift.

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