All-season dress as a basic element of the wardrobe of a little fashionista


The noodle dress remains a very fashionable piece of clothing that helps to create a trendy and stylish look.

A distinctive feature is the fit. Stretchy material hugs your figure to flatter your silhouette. Cotton jersey with the addition of lycra, well absorbs moisture, keeps warm and easily passes air.

A noodle dress or a turtleneck dress is versatile and will look relevant in any circumstances.

It can be worn for study or a walk, the main thing is to choose and combine clothes correctly.


  • For a walk, you can complement the image with a bomber jacket, jeans, vest, short jacket or coat.
  • For study, a classic jacket or cardigan.
  • In autumn and spring, it is better to choose tight plain tights for everyday wear or fishnet tights for a holiday.
  • In winter, it can be combined with leggings to match the dress.


  • A sporty style has long been in fashion, so you can safely wear it with sports shoes, slip-ons, sneakers, or give preference to loafers or ankle boots.

A noodle dress is the easiest way to dress a child in style without much expense or time. A variety of colors of the ONEMAGIC brand dress allows you to satisfy every taste.


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