5 Modern Loft Lighting Ideas


This type of light source is most often used in the design of loft-style rooms.

  • Suspension lamps can act as a single or group design.
  • The suspension is appropriate in the living room above the seating area or in the kitchen to illuminate the dining table.
  • A group of pendant lights located at different heights adds expressiveness and expressiveness to the interior.
  • Several lighting fixtures placed around a central point can be an alternative to a central lamp in a hall or bedroom.
  • Suspensions arranged in a row are suitable for lighting a bar counter or the working surface of a kitchen set if it does not have upper cabinets.
  • If several loft-style pendant lamps are placed side by side, it is better if their design is not the same. They can be combined in terms of light and design, however, differences in design details give the lighting a special charm.

Chandelier «Spider»

Give originality

loft-style interiors can be done with unusual lighting. Chandelier «Spider» helps to cope with this


  • The illuminator has a central mount and «legs» extending from it in different directions.
  • They can be long soft wires that are attached to the ceiling, or metal rods.
  • The chandelier can be complemented by simple-shaped shades, or they may be completely absent.
  • Round or oval light bulbs are ideal for such a lamp.
  • Most often, such a chandelier is found in black.
  • It can become a central element in the design of the hall or the lighting of the dining group in the kitchen.
  • Color variations will certainly decorate the nursery.
  • The chandelier looks elegant and slightly careless at the same time.
  • Due to its impressive size, the Spider lamp looks harmonious only in spacious rooms.

Edison lamps

Simplicity and minimalism perfectly reflect the spirit of freedom inherent in the loft. Edison lamps, consisting of a glass bulb with a spiral sealed inside, conquer with their beauty.

The variety of shapes and captivating light make them suitable for use without a lampshade. Miniature luminaires that are designed for Edison lamps are suitable for rooms of any size and with any ceiling height. They can be both a primary color source and an additional one. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Zone the premises for your purposes.

Massive central chandeliers

Spectacular massive lamp gives a special charm to a room with high ceilings. A stylish lighting fixture made of dark-colored metal not only fills the living room or bedroom with soft diffused light, but also emphasizes its atmosphere. A luminaire with a laconic design and a minimum of decorative elements harmoniously fits in. To soften the harshness of the industrial style, you can play on the contrast of furnishings and lighting and place an elegant chandelier decorated with crystal in the room.

floor lamps

The ability to move the floor lamp, changing the interior, makes this lighting fixture indispensable when arranging a loft-style room. If you want to feel as comfortable as possible, choose a functional model with a shelf. A metal floor lamp will be used in the bedroom near the bed, it will be in demand in the hall near the recreation area. A bright device will become an expressive accent, and a monochrome one will harmoniously fit into the atmosphere of an industrial interior.

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