3 main rules for choosing bedding

1. Study the composition

100% cotton is a must: this fabric is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, breathable and absorbs moisture. It is also wear-resistant: for example, bed linen made of coarse calico, percale and poplin is easily washed, does not deform and does not fade even after 5-7 years of use.

2. Take measurements

If you are the owner double bed or sofa bed, choose set with sheet 220×180 and duvet cover 215×175 cm.

Perfect option for wide beds — euro-size: sheet 240×220+/-4 and duvet cover 220×200+/-2 cm.

The family set is suitable for those who sleep under different blankets: it includes two one-and-a-half duvet covers (215×145+/-2) and a sheet 240×220 +/- 4 cm.

Semi-sleeping set — sheet 220×150 and duvet cover 215×145 cm.

3. Check the manufacturer

Having your own production is a weighty argument: it allows you to meet high standards. So, the bed linen «Tender is the Night» is produced at its own factory with a century and a half history in Ivanovo and undergoes quality control at all stages.

May your every night be tender!

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