What is the teacher’s dress?


Teacher is a warm word that evokes good memories. The image of a sweet, respected and sincere girl immediately appears. But how often this image is about the internal state of a person, but not the appearance.

How teachers often dress, completely forgetting about their style (and this is at best):

Old styles, outdated cut and outdated print.

I so want the person from whom you take an example in knowledge and in general in life to look at 100! So that you can take an example from the teacher in appearance, admire him!

It is enough for a teacher to have a basic wardrobe, but modern. One of the most versatile things in it is the dress. The question is what?

1. Simple cut to fit the establishment’s formal setting.

2. Monochromatic basic colors, no ridiculous patterns.

3. From a fabric that is pleasant and comfortable to the body.

Be stylish! Buy things that will be versatile in your wardrobe and durable!


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