What is the perfect summer dress for women?


In the hot summer, you want your clothes to be as comfortable and stylish as possible. How not to make a mistake and choose the right option among a huge variety of types, models and shades? Follow these 8 points, and you will always be able to make the right choice!

Choose natural fabrics.

In the summer, we dream of coolness and want the skin to breathe, so say a firm “NO” to synthetic outfits. Cotton, linen, viscose and other natural fabrics will allow the skin to breathe. You sweat less and feel confident and comfortable.

Avoid dark colors.

No black T-shirts, sequin appliqués or cropped sweaters. Save that for off-season and winter outfits. Choose light shades with a summer theme or abstract prints.

Short is better than long!

Give preference to mini — it’s more convenient and practical. A sundress on the floor, a midi jumpsuit or a long shirt in the summer heat will warm up the skin more. A short dress is suitable for urban everyday life, as well as leisure trips. It does not hinder movements and will not get wet when walking along the seashore.

Check out the straps.

Lanterns or dropped sleeves, like an oversized T-shirt, are loved by many. But for the summer it is better to choose open shoulders. No spots in the underarm area. Thin straps will help create a beautiful tan, and the tie option will also help you adjust the length that is comfortable for you.

No tight options!

Choose a loose cut in the shape of a trapezoid or a hoodie. Oversized models are now in trend, take a closer look at them. The main thing is that the dress does not constrain movements and does not fit tightly to the skin, creating a second layer.

Ease of maintenance and use.

Who wants to iron their clothes with a hot iron on a hot day? Certainly no one! Choose a dress that wrinkles less and is easy to wash even in cool water.

Universal coloring is timeless and fashionable.

Abstraction, polka dots, white, sand and other non-flashy colors are summer favorites that have been in trend for more than one season. They will not go out of fashion for many more years, so it is not only stylish, but also profitable!

The versatility of style is a benefit for the budget.

An elegant evening dress is beautiful, but you can’t wear it with flip flops, sandals or sneakers. Choose something close to the beach style or boho. This option is more relevant for the summer. Follow these simple rules when choosing a summer outfit, and you will always feel comfortable and look stylish. Our VLANIKANTA women’s summer dress with spaghetti straps in linen style is suitable for petite girls and women with large shapes. We have selected the perfect option for your casual and dressy looks.

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