“The dress should fit the body, not the body fit the dress” Claude Sabin.

Are you looking for the perfect dress? We hasten to please you)) It exists! For any type of figure, for almost any height — yes, this is not a myth !!

Dress «SL raiment» confirmation of this.

enough to know breast volume for the right size — and oh, miracle! You are wonderful.

The versatility of the model is a very important indicator of how well the dress will fit the figure. A-line ideal in this: suitable for girls and women of any age, will decorate the interesting position of expectant mothers. The dress hides the imperfections of the figure. It can always be supplemented with elements — a belt in the color of shoes or a handbag, worn with or without a belt. The set includes a belt in the color of the dress. And believe me, it is very versatile — it can be used for its intended purpose, and if you turn on your imagination, you can weave it into your hair!

The dress is presented in a trendy polka dot print. The fabric is named «Prado» — really chic, flowing, very pleasant to the body! High-quality accessories from the St. Petersburg manufacturer’s factory repeats the print of the main fabric — white polka dots. A spare button is attached to the left. The sleeve of the dress ¾ is assembled in an elastic band, thus it is suitable for any size of a woman’s hand!

nice compliment from «SL raiment» Hair band «Japanese silk» highlight your look!

All girls and women are unique, but the desire to look feminine and irresistible unites them.

FROM dress «SL raiment» it becomes possible!

With love and care for you!

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