Universal dress — what is it?

A chiffon dress is a versatile item. Chiffon dresses today are a versatile piece of clothing: they are worn all year round. The Valesco dress is perfect for going to a party and can be worn and matched in everyday life.

It is the simple and trendy cut of the Valesco dress that makes your look beautiful and sophisticated. The model with an airy bell sleeve gathered into cuffs puts a slight emphasis on the line of the shoulders, adding lightness to the image. The buttons on the sleeves are sewn in such a way that they can be easily altered by increasing or decreasing the volume of the cuff. The fitted silhouette of the dress is created by a waistband and elastic band, which ensures a perfect fit. The half-sun skirt will perfectly hide the flaws, and thanks to the flowing chiffon fabric and the free style, this dress is suitable for any type of figure.

You can safely complement your look with accessories, thereby changing it from everyday to evening. The dress has a lining, which makes it versatile for any weather. In summer, such a chiffon dress can be safely combined with a bag or other accessories; shoes, pumps, sneakers are ideal for it. In cool weather, you can complement the dress with a jacket or coat. By experimenting, you will find your image that is right for you.

Valesco creates style — you create yourself!

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