Scratch painting Grattage or how to captivate your child


This type of painting is interesting in that the image is directly scratched with a pen with a sharp needle or a special wooden stick, as if the protective layer is being cleaned from the desired lottery ticket. The finished picture consists of many strokes and therefore in many ways resembles an engraving. Scratch paintings are also called grattage paintings (from the French gratter — “scratch”). In fact, scratching is an imitation of a picture on thick paper, performed with a thin cutter on a prepared surface.

How to work with scratch — painting?

Everything is easy and simple, both a child and an adult can handle it. The only thing is that the scratching process is not fast, so you will need perseverance and patience. However, if the plot of the picture is interesting, then working on it will become exciting and interesting. It is interesting to spend time not only at home, but also on the road. Everything you need to create a masterpiece is included in the kit.

  1. Lay your future painting on a flat surface.
  2. With light pressure, draw the cutter along any line.
  3. Brush off the residue with the special brush provided and you will see a brilliant line of contrasting color. The pattern is different: gold, copper, silver or multi-colored.
  4. Do all the movements in sequence until the picture completely appears. ​Work with dry, clean hands so as not to stain the surface of the painting. Make sure that the base lies flat, does not bend, does not break, otherwise traces will remain.

Very soon you will have a real picture!

You only need to, guided by the principle of Michelangelo and other no less famous masters, remove all unnecessary. Areas of the painting from which to erase the top layer. The contours of the drawing are outlined on a dark canvas. The process of performing the work will give you an unforgettable experience, and the finished product will be a wonderful decoration of the interior.

Scratch painting develops hand motor skills and intelligence, and delights the child when completing the picture with its colors and beautiful image.

You can take a scratch picture with you to kindergarten, school, it is small in size, compact.

The child is interested in erasing the scratch layer, giving adults time to be distracted by other important matters or just relax.

An ideal option to captivate you and your child!


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