It is impossible to imagine any playground without a sandbox, because a sandbox is a whole world for little fans to play with sand. Playing in the fresh air, the child not only develops physically, but also emotionally, he learns to communicate with peers, as well as respect others and share toys. But sandbox games are impossible without toys! Therefore, it is so important for parents to pay special attention to their choice.

Why are sand games so useful?

  • Firstly, such games develop coordination of movements, fine motor skills and tactile sensations, and help the child expand his horizons. Parents can also participate in the game by showing the baby how wet sand differs from dry, or by telling him about the properties of sand. It will surely captivate him!
  • Secondly, sand games contribute to the development of the child’s creativity, fantasy, imagination, and logical thinking. The kid himself learns to create various designs and forms from sand. And in this he is helped by all kinds of toys for the sandbox.
  • Thirdly, playing with sand calms and relieves tension, anxiety and stress. Even the most active child will become quieter and calmer.

What to Look for When Choosing Sandbox Toys

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colors of sandbox toys. In order to choose toys that would bring not only benefit, but also joy to your child, you should consider factors such as:

  1. Material and workmanship. Toys should have a neat assembly, smooth edges without chips and cracks, there should not be an unpleasant smell, the color should not wear off or peel off. All toys must be durable and not break from the first minimum load.
  2. Safety. Each toy must comply with GOST standards and have a quality certificate. No sharp corners, too narrow holes or small details.
  3. Convenience. Is a shovel or rake suitable for small hands, is it convenient for a baby to hold a watering can, is it difficult to carry a bucket? After all, the main thing is the comfort and joy of the child when handling a toy.

Types of sandbox toys

Sand games cannot be imagined without special toys, because they help children to express themselves, develop and have fun. The main types of sandbox toys include:

  • Shovels: this type of toy will allow the child to do anything with the sand — dig, pour, level. You can choose both a small scoop and a large one;
  • Rake: a toy that will help the child to level or sift the sand, as well as decorate his building with patterns and lines;
  • Molds: these are the toys that will allow the child to show all his imagination and creativity, because you can create both simple figures and designs (circle, square, triangle), as well as more complex and skillful ones (star, fruit, airplane, car, mushroom, fish);
  • Bucket: an indispensable toy for creating Easter cakes or carrying sand and other toys;
  • Watering can: an interesting toy that diversifies games with sand, because in addition to dry sand, wet sand is no less curious for a child;
  • Sieve: A useful toy for sifting and filtering sand, which will allow the child to see the difference between large and small sand particles and pebbles.

Sand games are an indispensable summer fun that is very interesting, and most importantly, useful for the overall development of the child. By choosing the right toys for the sandbox, you will make your child’s play even more exciting and intense!

The Wildberries online store invites you to pay attention to the children’s set of toys for the Zhorya sandbox, which includes a spatula, a rake, a watering can, a sieve, 3 types of molds and, of course, a bucket. All toys are made in bright and eye-catching colors and are made of high quality and non-toxic plastic. And in another children’s set of toys for the Zhorya sandbox, in addition to the basic toys, there is also a roller that will help the child level the surface for building a castle, house or wall.

Let your child, playing with sand and special toys for the sandbox, combine business with pleasure!

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