A candle and a candlestick in the interior is a functional and versatile accessory for decorating a room. A decorative element with a live candle flame is joyful on weekdays and dressed up for the holidays. Candlesticks are great for furnishing the kitchen, bedroom and living room. What products to choose to transform the room into a cozy oasis? In addition to original ideas, find designer tips on how to use candlesticks in a modern home setting in an unusual way.

From time to time, family and friends gather for a festive meal in the kitchen. The flame of a candle is conducive to sincere conversations and a relaxed atmosphere. Complete the table setting with a classic candle plate for three or five table candles. If the height of the candles makes it difficult to maintain eye contact, place the candlestick on the windowsill. A languid evening will surely pass on a high note. If your kitchen is not roomy for a massive decor, use glass candlesticks-plates, a laconic simple shape in the form of a soft square. A transparent candlestick plate paired with candles create a pleasant blow. Time for romantic dates in the kitchen will pass in an easy and unobtrusive atmosphere.

At first glance, candles are the most banal and traditional way to create a romantic atmosphere at home. They are good for table decor, and just to create a more cozy atmosphere in the living room, bedroom or bathroom.
In order not to think that candles need to be extinguished in time, use LED candles that look and shine just like real ones, but much more convenient and safer.

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