Protein against depression and apathy. How protein stimulates serotonin and other protein functions you might not know about.


Recently, more and more talk about the importance of protein in the human diet.

Many will say: «It’s clear, this is the basis of the muscles.»

But what is protein, really? What is its importance?

Protein is amino acids. Amino acids are the basis for the functioning of our body.

We can compare it like this: carbohydrates are builders (our energy), and amino acids are bricks!

Here are some facts about protein and amino acids that you might not know!

1. Our body receives the amino acid tryptophan from protein. It is from it that he synthesizes serotonin — our good mood! Therefore, if you are sad — do not rush to eat sugar! Chicken meat is a real storehouse of this amino acid!

2. The amino acid glycine is responsible for a calm measured state, concentration and composure! Much better than a chocolate bar before exams, a slice of chicken eaten in an hour will work. 100 g of chicken contains almost half of the daily requirement of glycine (open source data).

3. Amino acids are responsible for the production of antibodies! Agree, today it is especially important!

And finally, of course, amino acids are collagen! Collagen is best absorbed with vitamin C! Therefore, it is better to eat meat with spices and vegetables!

It turns out that the perfect snack is chicken slices!

Chicken slices Flavors of the world, for example, prepared without oil, with real spices, herbs and vegetables! Great replacement for chips!

Three bright, dissimilar flavors!

Mexican! Arriva! This spicy mixture of seasonings and spices is a symbol of hot and passionate Latin America.

Russians! With traditional cranberries (remember the Vitamin C mentioned above). And how does this note combine with chicken, mmm ..

Caucasian! Dried meat with spices is a real delicacy, which in the south is always served to dear guests. Crispy, not overdried, moderately salty and very fragrant cured chicken slices with a fragrant mixture of parsley, dill, cloves, cilantro, red pepper and marjoram.

These are delicious and healthy amino acids!


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