Picking the Best: How do celebrities combine sports and casual wardrobes?

Sportswear in our time is beauty, convenience and comfort. Pay attention to the stars! They fell in love with their sports images so much that they are ready to wear them “and to the feast, and to the world, and good people”!

Don’t believe? But in vain! Today we will talk about several stars who have chosen a sporty style of clothing for most life circumstances.

Our selection is rightfully opened by Kim Kardashian. Many believe that it was she who made the sports style so popular. Pay attention to how skillfully Kim managed to combine a voluminous cropped top and leggings!

Another modern style icon is model and actress Cara Delevingne. She enjoys wearing sportswear, while looking very beautiful and cute. An analogue of this hoodie can serve as a rashguard.

Simplicity and style — this is how you can describe the image of the British model Jordan Dunn. The color of the suit is refreshing and harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the accessories. An equally feminine look can be created thanks to our sports overalls.

The standard of fashion and style, Irina Shayk looks simply stunning in her white tracksuit! The image is complemented by a small bag and rough boots. We at Euphoria offer to try on an even more feminine and sexy look than Irina’s.

Search the web for photos of Melanie Griffith. At her age, she manages to look great even in leggings! She chooses interesting models that add zest and attract attention.

As you can see, all ages are submissive to sportswear! If you appreciate beauty, style, convenience and practicality, it will definitely suit you! The best time to experiment is now!

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