Did you know that negativity can accumulate in the house over the years and it must be cleaned periodically?

Not only do we fill our house with energy, the past owners also leave their energy in the home.
Sometimes the house is an accumulation of negativity and evil forces, then

you start to feel the trouble:

— you always feel like there is someone in the room

— sounds, rustles, creaks are heard in empty rooms

— pets behave strangely, show aggression, constantly look into the void

— in a dream there is a feeling that someone is sitting on you or strangling you

— when you return home, you get scared, bad thoughts appear, depression sets in

If it seems to you that the cause of all the oddities is your deceased relative who owned this home, then go to church and order a magpie.

You can also try to clean your home with wormwood or juniper smoke, program candles and magical incense.

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