How will UNIWALL magnetic chalk wallpaper help your business?


We have prepared for you 10 interesting ideas and life hacks that you can use in your business!

Idea 1. Magnetic chalk/marker wallpaper for writing and planning

Undoubtedly, any business is built primarily on competent planning and forecasting. It is necessary to take into account all possible risks, keep in mind all the plans and strategies for your team. And with Uniwall magnetic chalk/marker wallpaper, it’s now easy to control all aspects of control… without having to keep all the necessary information in your head.

Paint sales plans, attach important notes and documents to the wall with magnets. Now you have a lot of space for your actions.

Idea 2. Conducting presentations and trainings

Of course, any business also cannot do without brainstorming — the ability to solve work issues collectively. Feel free to use your multifunctional presentation wall instead of boring and limited in functionality flipcharts.

On our modern UNIWALL magnetic chalk wallpaper, you now have a great opportunity to leave notes, draw indicative graphics, attach images to magnets and marker stickers. All the necessary information on your projects can now be left in folders and magnetic pockets. And all the necessary tools and accessories will always be at hand.

Idea 3. Screen for the projector

It’s nice that our modern UNIWALL magnetic marker wallpaper is several items in one. In addition to the fact that they perform their direct duties, they can also be used as a full-fledged projector screen. And this is a good cost savings. In this case, the image quality will be the same!

Idea 4. “Welcome” wall or photo zone for clients

Business is also about the brand itself. It is important that your customers recognize you when they hear the company name. Why not make an attractive photo zone for clients in the entrance area to your workspace?

Our magnetic chalk wallpaper UNIWALL will be happy to help you. At the same time, you can write nice wishes for your guests … or ask them to leave nice words for other customers. Be sure to display the logo or just the name of your company. In addition, you can place all relevant information about the company, as well as social networks.

Idea 5. Information wall

Your employees need to be up to date with the latest news about the company they work for. And here it all depends on your imagination — you can write all the relevant information directly on the UNIWALL magnetic chalk wallpaper, you can attach news sheets using magnets, or you can hide all documents in magnetic folders and magnetic pockets on the wall. To avoid confusion, just sign where and what is located.

Idea 6. A wall with photos of employees

How to improve the efficiency of your staff? As practice shows, it is important to properly motivate employees to work — so that they want to improve their performance. Paste “Top Employees of the Month” magnetic chalk wallpaper in the lobby. Here you can attach photos using magnets or magnetic stickers and sign information about employees under the photo. We are sure that your employees will be pleased to be on the so-called honor roll.

Idea 7. Children’s areas in cafes, beauty salons and shops

Our multifunctional magnetic chalk wallpaper UNIWALL helps to create a comfortable environment for customers. And creating a cozy atmosphere at home is so important for guests. Especially if they come to your establishment for the first time. Parents can relax while enjoying delicious meals, while children can play carefree in the children’s area.

Indeed, on our magnetic chalk wallpaper you can officially draw — crayons, magnets or stickers, as well as other accessories for children’s creativity. And most importantly — it is a combination of pleasant and useful.

Idea 8. Design of the working area

Their desire and motivation to work efficiently, without doing it through force, depend on how the work area of ​​employees is designed. Moreover, it helps to organize order in the workplace — everything will always be in front of your eyes now. With the help of the UNIWALL magnetic whiteboard, employees can competently plan their work, prioritize tasks, schedule important meetings. You can also attach important notes and notes to magnets or put all documents in pockets and folders right on the board! In other words, flexible whiteboards can be used in the workplace instead of a diary.

Idea 9. Menu

Of course, a lot always depends on the creative approach. You can decorate everything in an unusual way … and even the menu in your institution. Whether it’s a cozy coffee shop, a family cafe, or a fine restaurant, visualization plays a big role. Introduce your menu items in chalk, add suitable drawings to create atmosphere and price, of course. Thus, you can kill two birds with one stone: and answer all the questions of customers, and resolve the issue with the design.

Idea 10. Kanban wall

When all work tasks are in front of your eyes, it is really easier to work. You just see that all your work is divided into shelves, there is nothing superfluous. Kanban is a special table that presents tasks as they are completed. It is enough just to arrange all the tasks on separate cards and move them along certain columns.

There are actually a great many ways to optimize and facilitate business, and in this article we have highlighted the most popular ideas. And all this thanks to magnetic chalk/marker wallpaper and UNIWALL flexible boards, which are quickly and easily mounted on your wall!

What’s more, they come in different sizes, so you can easily cover the entire wall. We offer 15 colors to choose from — you will definitely find the UNIWALL wallpaper to your liking. And they fit perfectly into the interior — checked!

You can write on them with soft crayons, and you can also use any magnets. Note that they are erased without streaks — every time you have a new wallpaper thanks to a guarantee of 10,000 erasures!


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