How to create an Easter table setting in 5 easy steps.


I am a big fan of Easter table setting!

There is nothing better than a table that fascinates, which you want to consider both as a whole and every detail! This holiday seemed to be designed specifically for decor lovers! I don’t do much in decorating my home for Easter, other than maybe adding pillows and throws in matching colors, hanging a cute garland, and placing a few bunny figurines here and there.

But when it comes to the Easter table, then I focus entirely on our table landscape, since this is the main object for a traditional family feast. I have a list of essentials that I always use when decorating:

💙napkins and tablecloth,


💙flower arrangements,


💙holiday touches.

When I create a decorative serving, I like to do it in layers! My madness has a specific approach and I will share these quick and easy steps with you!

1. Plates, Bowls, Napkins and Cutlery.

I like to arrange the dinner plates first, and then I match the fabric napkin in color and add to each one. After each setting is complete, I add cutlery and a charming egg cup.

2. Glassware.

Once every seat has a plate, napkin, and cutlery, I like to go around the table and make sure everyone has a glass of wine or juice. I especially like colored cocktail glasses, they give mood!

3. Candles.

I love decorating the table with candles! I take any that are at home, and which, in my opinion, will look good on the table. I place them along the center. I don’t worry about whether they are the same size and height or not, if they are the same, it helps a lot to maintain the symmetry of the table.

4. Flower arrangements.

There are fresh or even artificial flowers on any amazing serving table! My way of creating a floral arrangement is to buy a large bouquet of flowers and then divide it into vases of different sizes and mini vases with buds. There is nothing more pleasant than seeing a sea of ​​flowers from one end of the table to the other! And sometimes, even a few branches with already erupted leaves are enough to create extraordinary freshness.

5. Decor.

The final layer is your holiday touch! We add any Easter decor that is, it immediately enlivens the table. Grab any decorative eggs, Easter jars, confetti, or figurines! It’s up to you what you want to include in your serving, and it doesn’t have to be anything too big. Sometimes a couple of accents are enough to make the picture sparkle with fresh colors. Remember, less is more!

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