What to look for when choosing leggings, tops and T-shirts is shared by the coach of the Bombbar.ru team Darya Golota, 15 years of playing sports and 9 years of working as a coach. She knows exactly how not to make a mistake:

  • TThe fabric must be breathable and hygienic. It is important that it passes air well, absorbs excess moisture and is not heavy.

  • Sportswear should be elastic and stretch well when exercising. In this case, the material should not shine through, so as not to cause embarrassment.

  • Choose cycling shorts and tights with a high fit so that the elastic does not squeeze, but creates comfort in the waist area.

  • Extra locks, laces and metal exercises can get in the way and bring discomfort. Seams should be flat and neat, well past due.

Where to find high-quality and appropriate clothing for sports and active modern life?

Of course, OVERLAY is a brand of bright and stylish clothes! The above characteristics that you want to have in your image are in the OVERLAY sports line! Bright and high-quality fabrics with especially soft and strong-elastic material (peach effect Peach Effect), without friction and antics, shape and tighten the figure, socks are relevant and stylish for a long time! Bright colors will cheer you up! High technologies of tailoring and development of clothes Overlay (made in Russia)! On popular types of figures.

How to choose the right workout clothes?

MYTH: It is best to train in cotton.

Natural material is more suitable for everyday life, but not for sports. Cotton leggings stretch easily at the knees, and a cotton T-shirt loses its appearance and sweat stains appear.
When wet, the fabric becomes heavy and unpleasant to the body.

Let’s move on to color:

Clothing should motivate and delight its mistress! The weather is different outside and you want bright colors in life and also in sports, so the new OVERLAY collection consists of juicy and bright colors! And also there are basic shades: black, gray.

All shades are compatible with each other and you can mix them as you wish!

The most trendy suits will not leave you unnoticed in the gym, and the material will make your workout even more effective!

OVERLAY brand is clothing for sports and active life in a modern city — it offers to consider options for beautiful images for the hall, everyday and stunning image for special days!

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