How to choose the right video card in 2022?


When it comes to choosing a graphics card to build your (gaming, work or rendering) PC, the choices are endless. This quick guide will walk you through some of the main points to consider when buying the right graphics card. Let’s figure it out.

With so many options available on the market, finding the right graphics card for your PC is no easy task. Before making your choice, you need to consider several aspects such as power, memory, clock speed, bandwidth and resolution of your monitor.

Just like the processor, your graphics card plays a critical role in the performance of your gaming PC. Make sure you research the topic thoroughly before making your final decision.

Currently, there are two leading manufacturers that produce graphics cards: AMD and NVIDIA. These two graphics card giants then license other companies to sell their GPUs including MSI, ASUS, PALIT, GIGABYTE and many more. Both companies offer different types of software, cooling solutions and clock speeds for their cards.

The most important question is: which company ends up making the best GPUs? Both companies have their pros and cons and offer several different series of graphics cards. For some options, NVIDIA provides better performance and value, while for other levels, you can find a solution by choosing AMD.

AMD is known for offering affordable mid to high end graphics cards. Their latest AMD Navi RX 5000 series cards are some serious competition from NVIDIA in terms of power.

However, when it comes to high performance graphics cards, NVIDIA is the leader. Their top RTX cards have been considered the best graphics cards of 2020 and have always been in very high demand.

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