How to choose the right pajamas for your child!


It is hardly worth talking about the fact that pajamas are a necessary element of personal hygiene and a way to increase comfort during sleep. But in the case of children it is necessary to note one more very significant point. Thanks to the competent choice of such clothes, a child of 2-3 years old will not only sleep sweetly, but for him the ritual of preparing for sleep will be much easier. After all, pajamas that he does not like, which presses or rubs, will already on a subconscious level cause rejection and negative emotions — which means that going to bed will be noticeably more difficult for parents. Therefore, loving mom and dad, like no one else, are interested in making children’s pajamas fit their child perfectly! But what needs to be considered for this?

What is important in children’s pajamas?

1. material:

The main rule in the case of pajamas is naturalness. Choose pajamas made of cotton, satin, chintz, linen (although it may seem harsh for children), wool (although it can cause allergies in some babies), baize, flannel. Synthetic can only be additives like acrylic or elastane (up to 10-30%), due to which the fabric will wrinkle less, stretch better and last longer. If their proportion is higher, then there is a high risk that the fabric will not breathe and begin to accumulate static electricity — both of which will reduce the quality of the child’s sleep.

2. style

The simpler the better — this is the basic rule in this situation. A classic cut and a minimum of complex decor will not interfere with the main thing — the comfort of the child during sleep. And a variety of ribbons, ribbons, bows, voluminous appliqués, spreading ruffles and lace, pockets and a hood will surely put pressure and constrain movements somewhere. Also pay attention to the seams. In children’s pajamas, they are usually made outward and from coarse threads — this is the only way to ensure that they do not rub too delicate children’s skin with constant contact.

Size 3

Children’s pajamas should not crush or hinder movement, therefore it is unacceptable to wear a small size on a child. Dressing the baby in pajamas «for growth» is also not worth it; in excessively large clothes for sleeping, the child will be tritely confused. Therefore, take a size with a margin, but small: 1-2 points, so that the baby is comfortable, sleep freely, and you do not spend money every six months on a new set due to the fact that it has already grown out of the old one … By the way, be sure to evaluate the various pajama clasps. Zippers are cold and can cause injury if carelessly handled, buttons can be difficult for children’s fingers, and buttons, if of poor quality, will rust after washing. And also check the elastic bands on the pants and cuffs — they should not be tight.

4. design

By the way, do not forget at the final stage of choosing to offer a child of 2-3 years old to choose the one that you like more from a pair of pajama sets — such respect for his opinion will be very flattering, and he is more likely to fall in love with his pajamas.

And do not forget to choose pajamas according to the age of the child himself. So, if 2-3-year-old toddlers are already quite ready for full-fledged pajamas, a younger baby who walks with difficulty and sleeps exclusively in diapers, it is more correct to put on a one-piece jumpsuit or even a small sleeping bag. He is much more comfortable in them than in ordinary, “adult” sleepwear!

And what kind of pajamas does your child prefer — and why: what did he especially like about it and what not?


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