How to choose the right hair bows for girls?


In this review, we will talk about the criteria for choosing a hair bow and the materials used.

If we talk about the brand «Bant Girls», bows for girls are made by hand by our specialists.

What does this mean?

Firstly: the product is made with love and soul, as all our employees are fans of their work.

Secondly: manual work on bows allows you to immediately exclude the moment of marriage, hair ties are also checked manually.

Let’s talk in more detail about the materials used, which are included in the set of hair accessories.

Foamiran — feels like suede or sponge to the touch. It is waterproof and environmentally friendly, does not contain harmful substances and does not emit fumes, so it is safe for children.

tulle — only soft tulle is used for making hair bows. The properties that tulle has: good elasticity + excellent wear resistance + light weight of the material.

shiny material — the main advantage: sequins from such a material do not crumble. they are embedded in the fabric.

How to choose the right type of fastening for bows?

Handmade bows are attached in two versions:

— Bows with elastic bands;
— Bows on hairpins.

The choice depends on how your child likes to wear hairstyles. Hair bows for girls with elastic bands are suitable for ponytails, braids, bagels. Hair bows for girls with hairpins can be worn as a separate element with loose hair, or embedded (attached) to hairstyles from above in any convenient place.

There are many color options, for all occasions and for any outfit of your princess. Buying bows of different colors, you can combine, perfect for daily wear in kindergarten. There are also festive options for bows: bows for a birthday, bows for March 8, bows for a holiday.

We wish you happy shopping!


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