The activity of even the calmest child sometimes exceeds 10 thousand steps a day, therefore, his legs need to feel comfortable. Small children never walk in shoes «on bare feet». Even on the hottest day, socks are put on sandals and only high-quality socks can cope with this task. The foot will not get wet in them, their seam will not rub the skin or tear, and the heel and toe will withstand the abrasion test. In addition, the skin of a child, as a rule, is characterized by increased sensitivity, so the issue of product safety is especially relevant.

What to look for when choosing children’s socks?

1. Material. Choosing socks by composition

Socks made from natural materials, that is, cotton, are best suited for a child. In both winter and summer, a thin sock made of breathable fabric should be worn directly on the leg. And cotton is an ideal ally in this, as it has wear resistance and hypoallergenicity.

2. What thickness and with what texture is it better to buy socks for a child?

The choice of children’s socks is really huge: dense and light, terry and smooth, thick and thin. The manufacturers seem to have conspired to confuse mothers, aunts and grandmothers! Here are some tips to counter the conspiracy:

  • Socks are underwear. They need to be changed every day. Choose ones that are easy to wash and dry.
  • Thick woolen winter socks can be left without daily washing, but they should be worn only on the bottom thin sock. Choose the size of both types of socks, taking into account their “paired sock”.
  • For autumn or spring, you can purchase a medium-sized option for warmth: long thick terry knee-highs, thick cotton socks. They should also be washed after every day of wear.

3. Which color to choose?

Children love colorful socks, and colorful socks love to shed, leaving stains on the clothes they are washed with. But there is a way out:

  • look for a manufacturer who gives a guarantee that the socks do not shed;
  • buy socks in one or two colors. Better in the same as the rest of the child’s clothes. Then there will be something to wear, and it is convenient to wash.

Get a few pairs of socks in classic colors: white, black, navy blue. They will definitely help you out when going to visit or to an official event.


Babies in white socks look just adorable. But white knitwear instantly gets dirty, which does not look very nice anymore. If you like dressing up your baby in light-colored socks, then try to get a few pairs of beige, champagne and other colors that are less easily soiled than white.

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