Choosing children’s shoes is not an easy task for many parents. Together with the Spanish brand PABLOSKY, we have prepared tips that will help you make the right choice, as well as take care of the health and development of your child.

To begin with, there are so-called ideal shoe characteristics that parents should be aware of: natural and breathable materials, a specially designed last that takes into account the special anatomy of a child’s foot, a light and flexible sole with reliable grip and good cushioning, no internal seams and a removable anatomical insole.

In addition, you should take into account the age of the child, and the associated features of the shoes. It is important to remember that the first 6 years are critical for tendon and musculoskeletal development. However, on average, children’s feet grow until they are 16 years old, continuing to change shape and not fully developed until that point. Therefore, you should buy the right shoes for your child from leading manufacturers who specialize specifically in the children’s segment and thoroughly understand the physiological characteristics of each age group. Consider what you need to pay attention to.

Age 0+

A little baby should not wear shoes until he has started to crawl. In the first months of life, it is recommended to wear light socks and booties, which should protect the legs from the cold. During the crawling and standing phase, before walking, light and flexible shoes should be used to allow full freedom of movement for the growing feet. Choose models with extra toe protection and a minimal thickness of the sole so that the child can feel what he is stepping on. In the PABLOSKY Stepeasy line of shoes for the little ones, all models give the necessary degree of freedom and give the feeling of bare feet.

Age 1-3 years

As soon as the baby begins to take the first firm steps, a low heel and a closed high back are added to the above characteristics to secure the leg and protect the ankle joint.

Age 3-8 years

For kindergarten or elementary school, where the child spends a significant part of the time, choose leather models with an internal material that effectively absorbs moisture so that the legs always remain dry. Pay attention to the fact that the shoes have a simple but reliable fixation method, have a small heel up to 1.5 centimeters, and have a flexible sole.

Age 8-18

For middle and high school students, the appearance of shoes and following fashion trends are of great importance. At the same time, shoes should be comfortable, practical, and also comply with the rules of the educational institution. It is recommended to choose models made of genuine leather or high quality textiles, with an antibacterial insole, an absorbent lining and a non-slip flexible sole.

From the general recommendations for making a successful purchase, we want to note the following. Baby’s feet grow quickly and in fits and starts, so always check your shoe size before buying a new pair. Measure your child’s feet at the end of the day as during the day, the legs can become 3 mm longer and 10 mm wider. Place your foot on the insole — this allows you to see if there is enough room for a comfortable position of the foot when walking. If possible, children should be present when buying shoes.

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