How to choose a fringe garland for your home?

The FRINGE garland becomes a universal street decoration.
It can flicker with lights of any color.
It captivates the eyes of anyone: both a child and an adult.
It looks great everywhere: as a decoration for a cafe, facade or roof of a house, trees, etc.
And it can be used at any time of the year.


There are many advantages, let’s figure out how to choose it.
I have prepared 5 tips: how to choose a street garland Fringe

1. Degree of protection

When it comes to outdoor decoration, you need to choose such garlands that can easily withstand precipitation, wind, dust, dirt and sun.

On the garlands you can find a protection indicator with two numbers.
Example IP44: The first digit indicates the degree of protection against ingress of sand, dust, etc.,
and the second is the waterproofness of the product.

For outdoor use, the required minimum is just IP44, but you can purchase a fringe with a higher protection, for example, IP65.

2.Power supply

The most basic option is to connect to a household network.

Much less often, batteries or solar panels are used as power for such decoration.
But these options are ideal for those places where it is difficult or impossible to connect to the mains: trees far from home, trees in the park can be decorated with just such an LED fringe.

3.Strict calculation

Going to buy LED fringe, you need to clearly know how many meters of this garland will be needed for decoration. You need to try to buy a strictly defined number of garlands, because if there are fewer of them, they will not cover the entire area, and if there are more of them, it will not come out beautifully either.

Many garlands are interconnected and thus they can be connected into a single chain:
fringe 12 m + 12 m + 6 m = 30 m


LED fringe is also universal in that it can be used in absolutely any season.

But if it becomes necessary to remove such an ornament, then it is important to correctly fold all the threads with the lamps so that next time you do not start decorating with painful unraveling.
That is why it is better to wind the fringe around a coffee can, thick wide sheet of cardboard or other items.

5. The Good Neighbor Rule

Often, with the help of LED fringe, they decorate the area around their house, but do not forget that people live nearby who can be disturbed by illumination. Therefore, it is better to immediately make sure that the light is not too bright from the decoration, whether it prevents the neighbors from sleeping at night, whether it impairs visibility on the road.

And of course, you can and should share trusted garland sellers with your neighbors so that they, like you, can plunge into the atmosphere of a holiday and a fairy tale, create comfort not only inside the house, but also outside in all its glory!

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