How to captivate your child with new creativity?


The unique lightweight polymer clay Candy Clay is the perfect mass for modeling! It is suitable for children and adults, will appeal to amateurs and professionals. With it, you will create a huge variety of beautiful crafts: decorative sweets, figurines, funny decorations and cozy home interior elements.

With Candy Clay you will be able to master the work with three types of materials: clay, cream and glaze. This is the first light clay in Russia, created to implement the most daring creative ideas!

The sculpting process is simple and pleasant. It will definitely captivate you and your children!

Polymer clay from CANDY CLAY:

  • do not need firing;
  • freeze in air at room temperature;
  • does not stick to hands;
  • does not stain clothes and surrounding objects.

Candy Clay also offers a rich palette of shades and a large selection of themed sets!

Clay set Candy Clay «10 bright colors»

Candy Clay polymer clay is great for making decorative sweets, jewelry, dolls and other toys. It has a pleasant texture, quickly hardens, retains its shape well. In the process of creating crafts, you can mix acrylic and oil paints into it, getting new shades and unusual color effects.

After hardening, finished products can also be painted with felt-tip pens or pastels.

Decorative cream for modeling sweets from Candy Clay

If you and your little pastry chef decide to get into making sweet culinary masterpieces, you will definitely need a decoration in the form of a cream!

Candy Clay’s polymer confectionery comes in 8 delicious shades to choose from: Creamy, Creme Brulee, Peach, Strawberry Cream, Berry, Pistachio, Mint and Chocolate.

To cover a freshly fashioned cake with a fluffy cap of cream or to fill a waffle cone with ice cream, just use one of the handy attachments.

Set «Decorative Glaze»

Polymer sweets covered with decorative Candy Clay glaze make you want to eat them! All the fault of 6 delicious shades: milk, chocolate, lemon, strawberry with cream, mango and grape.

Miniature tubes with pointed spouts make the decorating process as convenient as possible! You can draw a subtle pattern on the created dessert or leave a beautiful inscription. The glaze has a liquid consistency and rich color. It is easy to apply. Dries very quickly.

Set «Mini food for dolls»

Sculpting food for dolls is fun and fast when you use Candy Clay! In just a few minutes, miniature cupcakes, air marshmallows, cakes, sweets and fruits will appear in the doll’s refrigerator.

The child will be delighted not only with the result, but also with the process itself! A culinary duel diversifies leisure time, and cute crafts will delight the baby for a very long time.

Sweet Magnets Set

Creating small copies of your favorite desserts is a very popular hobby not only for children, but also for adults. Donuts covered with multi-colored icing, cakes with cream roses, a gingerbread man — you can easily do it all with the help of detailed printable workshops!

With the Sweet Magnets set, you can not only create miniature culinary masterpieces, but also decorate your refrigerator with them!

Product Benefits

Light clay Candy Clay is made in Russia from the highest quality materials. It is safe and great for use by children (from 3 years old). Has a quality certificate of the EAEU.

The material is very pleasant to work with. It is easy to make both large and very small crafts, because the mass does not stick to your hands at all! It does not leave marks on surfaces — in the process of modeling, the child will not stain clothes and furniture. The material quickly hardens, holds its shape well and becomes durable after hardening.

Candy Clay is ideal for making slime. Top 10 slimmers in Russia use light CANDY CLAY to create a popular anti-stress toy. On the Internet you will find a lot of useful video tutorials on making doll food, crafts, decorations and slimes using this particular mass for modeling.


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