In today’s world — obsessed with the benefits of vitamins and nutrients for health and wellness — not only professional athletes are puzzled by finding the right everyday energy drinks and supplements that they need for physical development. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was one simple store where you could buy all the nutritional supplements you need? Wouldn’t it be great if they could be obtained through steam? A recent start-up called Nutriair claims that’s exactly what it’s doing with a series of supplements available today that are inhaled into the body.
There are 11 different Nutriairs that promise to improve everything from energy levels to sleep quality. «Each of these 11 species has its own specially selected scent, and we’ve made sure the scent matches the function,» says CEO Josh Matzkin in an interview with Digital Trends. “For example, Nutriair Sleep has an Earl Gray tea flavor that is associated with peace, while Nutriair Energy has a mint flavor to invigorate you.”

To use Nutriair, simply inhale gently to bring the vapor into your lungs, then exhale through your mouth. A handy LED indicator will tell you when your inhaler has run out of supplies and you need a new one.
Today, researchers do not seem to agree on the positive and negative effects of vaping. However, medical inhalation therapy has a number of advantages in terms of nutrient delivery. These include a quick effect and lower dose requirements, as through inhalation, nutrients are delivered to the blood faster. The company is now conducting trials to demonstrate the effectiveness of its devices, not just to get FDA approval for the supplements they currently manufacture, Matzkin said.
Today, researchers do not appear to have come to a consensus on
positive and negative effects of nutrient inhalation
«Nutriair is now evaluating the effectiveness of its products by measuring subjects’ brain wave behavior before and after inhaling Nutriair Energy and Focus,» he said. “Nutriair Sleep is also being evaluated using a non-intrusive breath monitor to measure sleep duration and sleep levels. Inhalation research done on drugs, proteins, and peptides provides a solid scientific basis for applying these findings to inhaled vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional supplements. Despite the paucity of information on nutrient inhalation, current research — such as that conducted by NV Nutrition — is advancing the science of delivering nutrients to the body through inhalation.»

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