How I chose a gift for my father and why the choice fell on the wall map of the world


Hello, I’m Anya, I have a big family and I love to give gifts. I want to share with you the story of how I surprise my loved ones on birthdays.

In about two weeks, I begin to prepare.

First, I write down all the hobbies of the birthday boy, collect ideas related to the hobby. For example, if your sister loves Harry Potter, you can pick up a special edition of her favorite book for her.

If nothing comes to mind at all, I try to remember our conversations, maybe the birthday boy mentioned some thing that he wanted to receive. You can carefully study the social networks, all of a sudden there are hints there or carefully ask the friends of the birthday man.

Gathering all my thoughts together, I choose the most unusual idea.

And then I study stores where I can buy it. In this case, it is important not to get carried away and not forget about the deadlines, to make sure that the goods are at home by the birthday.

My last preparation was for my dad’s birthday. Last year I gave him a new tennis racquet, he spends many hours on the court on weekends. To be honest, there were few ideas this year. Dad rarely posts anything on social networks, so the task has become more complicated. I began to worry, there was less and less time left. One day I even decided to break my rule of surprises and ask my dad directly what he wants to get. When I came to his office, I found that dad was removing a picture of a hunting landscape from the wall.

“Anna, dear, I’m so tired of this picture in my office,” commented dad.

I immediately understood everything. My advice to you is to pay attention to the details.

The search for decor began

I had to choose something to match the style of my dad’s office: brown walls, a dark wood table and a large bookcase. Almost immediately I came across wooden world maps in the catalog. I couldn’t get past. The three-dimensional map fits perfectly into the interior of my father’s office.

Dad came over after the tennis game, we cut the birthday cake. The next surprise was waiting for dad in the office. I put the box with the map on the table.

“Happy birthday,” we shouted as a family, “open soon.”

Dad’s delight and surprise knew no bounds.

On the same day we installed the map, it was a lot of fun. My brothers and sisters kept shouting that they know all the countries by heart, dad rather wanted to attach pins, grandparents controlled the instructions, mom was in charge of the islands.

Now dad studies the map in the evenings and wants to arrange for us

family travel. And I want to give a wooden card to my friends too!


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