How often do you have to spend precious minutes looking for the right cooking tool or other household item? Or shoveling through the rubble in the kitchen table to find the right item. In this article, you will learn some simple and effective ways to organize your home space. Have you got your nails and heavy tools out yet? Set them aside. All we need is a set of self-adhesive hooks.

Cooking utensils can be easily placed on the underside of the kitchen schwafers, so you no longer have to constantly look for utensils while cooking. They will always be at hand, the doors of kitchen cabinets will remain clean, because you no longer have to look into them in search of one of the appliances.

You can also place hooks with appliances on the bottom wall of the kitchen table that you use in the process of cooking your favorite dishes!

Hooks with a transparent silicone base are perfect for any color of tiles and will not spoil the look of your interior in any room.

If desired, any adhesive-based hook can be moved to another place or removed altogether without almost damaging the wall surface!

The hooks presented in our assortment are highly reliable, and as a Bonus upon purchase, you get an excellent box for storing hooks!

Hook set 10 pcs. silicone base (with storage box):

15702182 , 15702183

Hook set 12 pcs. (without box) : 35160187

We wish you comfort and warmth in your home!

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