How does drawing affect your child?


Well-developed speech is an essential component of the comprehensive development of the child. Developed speech gives the child the opportunity to easily find a common language with peers and adults, explore the world around them more widely and fully express their thoughts. But recently, there are more and more violations of general, fine motor skills and speech development in children. Therefore, it is very important to take care of the formation of children’s speech, pay attention to its correctness and purity.

The great German philosopher I. Kant wrote that the hand is the outward brain. At the fingertips there are points and zones that are interconnected with the internal organs and various zones of the cerebral cortex. The areas of the cerebral cortex responsible for the movements of the organs of speech and controlling the movements of the fingers are located in close proximity to each other. The nerve impulses from the fingers going to the cerebral cortex “disturb” the neighboring speech zones, stimulating their vigorous activity. Because of this, creative activities, such as drawing, are an effective tool for developing the child’s brain. Drawing, children learn not only to see and imagine images, but also to recreate them. Drawing, the child expresses his thoughts and feelings, his attitude to the world around him, so child psychologists often resort to drawing for psychological tests. At preschool age, the child’s thinking is figurative. The more new images he creates, the better his intellectual abilities and mental operations develop in the future. The strongest stimulus for development at this time is drawing. How thinking developed during the period of operating with images depends on its readiness for the next, logical, stage. Drawing also develops imagination — the ability to mentally represent visual pictures. Thanks to this, the child can process past experience and create new connections between the images received. The more such connections are formed in the brain, the better thinking develops.

Perception in childhood is still imperfect, and drawing, like nothing else, stimulates its development, forcing the baby to study objects for the image and discover new qualities in them that he had not noticed before. While drawing, the ability to observe and analyze the world around is trained, which is very useful for the development of thinking.

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