Many parents are faced with the problem of underdeveloped motor skills in their children. It seems that the designers bought special ones, and did massages, and played finger games … But the child grows and still ties his shoelaces weakly and clumsily writes prescriptions. We recommend that you seek help from … heroes of popular cartoons! «But how will they help?» — you ask. Very simple! Read our article.

It’s no secret how difficult it is sometimes to convince a child to do something useful. And the main «trick» in such situations is to correctly present information, disguise the benefits, making the kid interested in a fun game.

Fine motor skills of the hands are very effectively trained when assembling any puzzles, for example, puzzles. And here the favorite characters of the cartoons «44 Kittens», «MiMiMishki» and «Peppa Pig» rush to the aid of parents! It is in these designs that we released our 35-piece 2in1 puzzle sets with large rounded details and colorful plots!

In addition to fine motor skills of hands, assembling puzzles trains the child’s perseverance, and this is no less a useful skill, first of all, to prepare for subsequent classes at school! And the opportunity to seat the kids for some independent activities in which they do not need help will definitely appeal to all parents!

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