How baby puzzles take care of your baby


What makes a children’s puzzle childish? And how do manufacturers of children’s puzzles take care of your baby? Firstly, such puzzles are made from certified high-quality materials in compliance with all norms and requirements. Secondly, the size of the puzzle field itself and its details are created taking into account all the features of child development. The edges of the details of children’s puzzles are smoothed so that the child cannot harm himself. The size of the parts is optimal (larger than average) for the best tactile sensations and familiarity with new forms. By interacting with such a puzzle, your child is safe, he likes to touch and look at it. Therefore, the baby is happy to collect colorful bright pictures!

And if your child’s favorite characters are depicted on them, the process of getting to know the puzzles and assembling them turns into a continuous holiday! For example, on puzzles of 36 and 64 elements with cartoon characters Leo and Tig and Turbosaurs, the child will see familiar plots and characters, whose stories he loves to watch on the TV screen. For more effective development of fine motor skills and logical thinking, we have combined several puzzles into one convenient set. The gradual complication of the assembly of the puzzle from a smaller number of pieces to a larger one has a very positive effect on the overall development of children and teaches them to achieve their goals and be diligent from an early age.

The bright designs of the boxes will be of great interest to the child, and he will definitely want to know what is inside! And inside, several puzzles will be waiting for him, which he will be able to assemble without the help of his parents into beautiful pictures that will decorate the children’s room.


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