Hairdressing chair: what is it?


What is the best chair to choose? Prices, reviews and other interesting information in the article.

There are a huge number of hairdressing chairs on the market: different colors, upholstery, heights, but what should a classic and good chair have? PROcolors will tell!

PROcolors More than 10 years engaged in the production of furniture for beauty salons and knows a lot about the right and comfortable chairs. —

The chair must have the following qualities:

  • Filling from polyurethane foam (polyurethane foam). Comparing polyurethane foam with foam rubber, it can be noted that polyurethane foam has a greater number of use cycles than foam rubber, does not sag over time and retains its shape for years, this is important to consider when choosing a chair.
  • Upholstery made of quality materials. The upholstery is selected according to the buyer’s pocket, but the best choice in upholstery is eco-leather or genuine leather. Textile chairs will not last long in their original form due to rapid absorption and other external factors in the work of the master + it is more difficult to clean. Eco-leather is also of different quality, but PROcolors uses only the best types of upholstery for its products.
  • Strong hydro. The hydrolift plays an important role when choosing a chair. Adjusting the height to the client has to be used often, and not every hydraulic lift can withstand this.

We considered the main characteristics when choosing a chair, but in addition to this, the chair should be stylish, ergonomic, comfortable for both the client and the master.

To select a chair only according to the latest visual characteristics (we took care of the first three for you), go to our brand page PROcolors or follow the link below 🙂


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