Just recently, delicious cookies and gingerbread in the form of funny people, animals and houses were elements of Charles Perrault’s fairy tale for us (do you still remember Hansel, Gretel and their unforgettable adventure?). Today, gingerbread is already an integral attribute of any holiday. Fragrant, natural and insanely delicious gingerbread for a long time settled on the festive table of all ages.

Today it is generally accepted that the authorship of gingerbread recipes belongs to English cuisine. In fact, the history of this pastry has its roots much deeper — in the days of Ancient Egypt. Even then, people added various ingredients (spices) to the flour for flavor and enjoyed the wonderful taste of the new dish.

To date, there are a huge number of types of gingerbread. Different compositions, smells and tastes — all this misleads buyers. Therefore, we decided to give you some tips on choosing the very best gingerbread for you and your child:

1. Butter 82.5%, as this is the fat content of natural butter. Many sellers deceive their customers by offering them low-quality vegetable oil (spread) as part of gingerbread, which of course affects the quality of the product and the taste of the product.

2. Handmade, another important item on our list. In a world full of mechanized production, you want something made by yourself, and handicraft has always been highly valued in the market, and 100 and 1000 years ago. Remember at least a craft or a drawing made by your child and your emotions, because handmade always carries the love and sincerity of the creator, which is insanely valuable in the modern world.

3. Bright pattern. A very important point, especially if the gingerbread is for a children’s holiday, because children love the bright drawings of their favorite cartoon characters so much.

After analyzing the market for gingerbread on Wildberries, we concluded that there are no products on the market that fit all the criteria and decided to create our own brand of gingerbread «Mom’s Gingerbread».

People often remember from childhood not events, but details. The pattern of curtains in my grandmother’s kitchen, the smell of my father’s cologne, the feeling of my mother’s soft palms are the most valuable and touching memories.

Mom’s gingerbread is not just a gingerbread, it’s a gingerbread that my mother cooked. Every year she served homemade gingerbread cookies to the table. Every year its recipe was improved, the taste became richer, and the pattern more beautiful.Keeping this is just a crime. That is why now we are sharing this taste with you.

Our gingerbreads have enormous differences from competitors:

— 100% natural composition, butter 82.5%

— bright printing, clear pattern and large size

— freshness and softness

— quality packaging

PS Interesting fact: In Sweden there was a tradition: fortune telling on gingerbread. You need to put the gingerbread on your palm, then make a wish and, pressing with the other hand, break the gingerbread. If it breaks into three parts, the wish will come true. Try it too…

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