No matter how delicious fresh flowers smell, the age of cut plants, unfortunately, is not long. Artificial plants come to the rescue. Let’s see what novelties this season has prepared for us in all the diversity of the palette of decorative branches and flowers.

The natural palette never goes out of style. However, in 2022, fashion dictates the choice of tones in light colors. In the trend for the next few years, pastel colors. Pink peach, beige, peach cream, baked milk are the favorites of this season.

For several years now, shades of blue have been relevant. And it looks like they’re not going to give up. Delicate, muted gray-blue tones are more popular than ever today, because it is the color of peace and harmony.

White is the color of air, purity and freshness, a color that never goes out of fashion and is the most «sold» color in interior design to this day.

And for rooms in a monochromatic color scheme, bright, but «correct» trend colors will become excellent accent spots: not red, but burgundy, not brown, but honey.

The choice of color today is more diverse than ever. But the main thing in interior decor is still a sense of harmony and comfort.

Artificial plants, ornamental greenery and flowers from the Svadbaopt brand will delight you with their variety, price and constant availability. Many buyers have already managed to evaluate these products, leaving positive reviews, photos in which will push you to bold ideas for creating cozy and trendy interiors.

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